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Re-branding for search


Safety Screens is a busy manufacturing company, offering several complimentary product lines that are sought by different end-users. The overall branding across their ranges lacked cohesion and direction for future expansion.

The company was covering all elements of the business on 1 website which was problematic for both search engines finding relevant information on their site, and for users when navigating the website.

Alongside this, Safety Screens were in a period of growth and wanted their branding and marketing to support this; transforming their appearance from a small business to the UK leader and international player that they are.

Original site design The old Safety Screens site showing the previous branding


New site design

Our approach started with a re-brand, modifying Safety Screen’s main branding in a way that would allow us to extend it and provide a cohesive brand family for each of their various business lines. To roll this out, we supplied new printed and promotional materials, as well as templates to enable employees to create their own secondary materials.

The rebranding was underpinned by the creation of several new websites. This allows the different target audiences they are marketing to find the products and services that are relevant specifically to them. It also allows for clear messaging and information to be presented to that industry.


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Creating a cohesive brand family helped to strengthen the main Safety Screens brand, and clarified the brand proposition of each strand for both customers and staff.

0% Increase in

The creation of multiple websites has facilitated prominent search rankings, leading to more pre-qualified enquiries that convert to sales.

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By creating all new websites, Safety Screens were able to target their audience and direct them to highly-relevant, well-presented content, that enhanced the user-experience for site-visitors.

The company receive regular reports highlighting market intelligence gathered through the website, relating to what people are looking for, who they are and where they’re contacting from, which helps to inform their sales and business development strategy.


"As Safety Screens has grown and expanded, we’ve introduced many product ranges, with very distinct target audiences. Re-branding has been integral to targeting those customers online, leading to a huge increase in website traffic and sales conversions across our ranges.

We’ve also had an increase in brand recognition- we weren’t sure if by adding several sub-brands we’d dilute the main Safety Screens brand, but if anything it’s had the opposite effect."

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