Case Study:

LJ Workwear

Starting Situation

LJ Workwear needed to make their digital marketing work as one - on a limited budget

LJ Workwear came to us with social accounts they had set up themselves, but that they only used intermittently. They had previously written their own ad copy and not created any assets to use in posts. This meant that posts were too sporadic, and not as optimised as they could be.

Skills Required

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Graphic Design

Aims & Objectives

LJ Workwear wanted to make their social pages consistent, and for them to stand out above their competition in the social space. To do this, they needed more visual consistency and a stronger element of branding to their pages. They also needed their pages to be updated more regularly and consistently. They did this with the intention of increasing brand awareness, attracting potential new clients and promoting the local aspects of their brand above nearby competitors.

Work Completed

We initially planned out a content calendar with LJ workwear, to discuss what sort of posts they wanted from us, and what sort of schedule they wanted to adhere to. We produced a calendar together that had consistent branding and the sort of posting schedule that they wanted to adhere to. We created a Linktree account on Instagram in order to be able to link other websites to Instagram posts. These included blog pages, LinkedIn pages and landing pages. We did extensive research into niche hashtags that might be more specific to the LJ Workwear brand.


LJ Workwear had an instant upturn in their social media statistics. Their audience grew by 6.46% in one month. Their engagement grew by 33.19% in the same stretch of time.

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