42% of people will leave a website because of poor functionality

website development

How do the beautiful plans you have for a site become useable reality?

Even the most attractive plan for what a website should look like needs development. Development turns an idea for a website into reality.

What is web development?

Web development is the process of turning a design into a functional website. No matter how clean and attractive your website design is, without a developer, it will never become a functioning website. Web dev can vary from developing a single additional page for a website, to producing a whole new site from scratch. It can also refer to maintaining and hosting websites, as well as database management.

Web development is divided into two sides – front end and back end development. The front end is the part of the website that visitors interact with directly – otherwise known as the client side. The back end is the part of the website that users cannot interact with. It includes the database, and the frameworks.

Client Side

Client side development – or front end dev – is the art of using coding skills to create attractive, functional and useful websites. The client side is the part of the website that the user can interact with. Any element of a website that requires a user input is part of the purview of a front end developer. Client side developers work with HTML, CSS and Javascript to produce functionality from the framework of a design.

Server Side

The server side – or the back end – is the part of the website that the user cannot access or see, but that makes the website function. The back end developer puts together the technology that makes a website work, and then maintains that technology.

Designed Development

When your site is developed by Gumpo, you can be assured that it will be robustly and thoroughly built for maximum functionality and ease of use. However, we also ensure that the sites we develop are designed to match the visual identity of the brands that we are working with.

Fluent Development

Gumpo’s development team are fluent in a wide variety of programming languages and website building tools. Like most of the internet, we have a huge amount of experience building in WordPress. However, we also use Magento, Laravel and AEM with a great degree of fluency. However, you need your website to work, at Gumpo we have the knowledge to get it going.  

popular platforms.

We are fluent in multiple languages – both human and coding. We have the knowledge to make sure you get the website you’ve always dreamed of.

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Mactech needed a new website that transformed how they did business

Mactech is a company that provides portable precision machinery in the petrochemical, refining, power generation and offshore industries – among others. They are an industry leader, and offer unparalleled expertise in their field….

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