Amazon sellers make around 30% of their sales from Amazon PPC


Are you making the most of the world’s biggest marketplace?

Amazon represents a huge part of the world’s spending. Getting your products on Amazon – in the most effective way – can send your sales through the roof.

What is amazon?

Amazon is the biggest marketplace on the internet. They sell millions of products for thousands of businesses around the world. If your products aren’t on Amazon, you could be missing out on all sorts of customers. With Gumpo, you can get your products up on Amazon, make the most of the advertising options that Amazon allows, and even refocus your business to be fulfilled by Amazon.

Amazon PPC

When you search for a product on Amazon, you often see a range of products at the top of the search that are labelled ‘sponsored’. These are products that Amazon has been paid to sponsor, and place above other listings on a search page. Making use of Amazon’s PPC advertising options can help your products stand out. Gumpo are experts in how to make the most of your budget when using Amazon PPC. We set up, manage and maximise your Amazon PPC spending.

Amazon Listings

How do products on Amazon stand out from each other? Assume you’ve clicked on two similar looking products – how do you choose between them? The answer is not just price. You choose because one of the Amazon listings makes you more confident that this is the right product for you than the other.

 Whether it’s the copy of the product description, the photos of the item or the way that the page is laid out, a product listing on Amazon needs to make the buyer confident in their decision to part with their money.

Gumpo can help you set up your Amazon listings to maximise the trust customers have in your products.

Fullfilment by amazon SEt Up

For many businesses, choosing to have their products Fulfilled by Amazon is a great way to ensure maximum availability of products to customers, while maintaining a high speed of dispatch and delivery. 

Setting up your business to take advantage of this service can be a complicated process, however. Gumpo can help you decide whether FBA is right for you, and then ensure that your products are correctly set up to use FBA, as well as properly optimised to take advantage of it.

Navigating Amazon

Amazon is a massive and complicated organisation. They are not just limited to sales, and neither should you be. Amazon’s ventures include hosting websites, podcasts, cloud computing and more. 

Navigating the full range of Amazon’s products can be tricky without advice. Fortunately, Gumpo can offer professional advice on the full range of Amazon’s offering.

Case Studies


Case Study

GoShorty is a supplier of a range of niche insurance products. They focus on non-standard vehicle insurance ranges. This includes temporary car insurance that covers drivers for between 1 hour and 28 days. It also includes temporary van insurance and learner driver insurance. These are products that are initially seem…

Case Study

Viz Pro UK came to us with an Amazon PPC account that they made little use of. Like many smaller businesses, they had set up the account, but did not know where to put their efforts, or what direction to head in. Their long running, but un-optimised Amazon PPC…

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