Case Study:

Dental Air Utilities

Starting Situation

Dental Air needed a new website that would keep them on top of the industry

Dental Air is a company that provides air compressors for dentists. They got in touch with us, unsure of what they wanted to do. They had an outdated looking website, in need of modernisation. It did not reflect the business’ full features and the range of offerings in the product portfolio.

Dental Air did not market themselves generously enough. Their website was designed to sell air compressors and nothing else. However, this was very much not the full suite of services that Dental Air provided their customers with. In actual fact, they were not just selling air compressors, they were selling a reliable air supply, breakdown cover, rapid response and installation.

The Dental Air website was not up to modern standards. It looked tired, and was struggling to stand out from the competition. Its functionality was also lacking. Rather than being an easy to use site, where customers were clearly directed towards the conversions that Dental Air needed them to make, it was non-transactional.

Skills Required

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Laravel Development
  • Custom E-commerce platform
  • Bespoke Software
  • 3D Modelling
  • Branding
  • Corporate Literature Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Print Design
  • Exhibition Stand Design
  • Promotional Merchandise Design
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Aims & Objectives

Dental Air knew they needed help with their website, but were not sure what form that help might take. When they contacted Gumpo, they weren’t aware what their options were, or what was possible in modern website design. They were aware, however, that their current path did not seem to be the right one.

We proposed investigating the various options available to Dental Air. They wanted their online presence to lead to more sales, and were open to trying multiple things. Initially, they were reticent about the need for a new website. Working with this, we proposed an initial period of marketing the existing site. While this lead to an upturn in traffic, the existing site made it too difficult for visitors to make the conversions required.

When we presented this information to Dental Air, they became open to the idea of a new site. We worked with Dental Air to determine what they wanted their new site to do, and the services they wanted to be able to offer their customers online.

Work Completed

Gumpo rebuilt the website from scratch. We analysed that the old fashioned system of needing to get in touch to discuss an order was losing out against easier to use competitors. We built a custom Laravel platform and a new admin system from the ground up. This allowed customers to purchase a Dental Air supply directly through the site – without the need to get in touch and discuss the process. This new online functionality allowed customers to not only purchase products, but also to book installation and removal – as well as an ongoing maintenance subscription service.

In fact, ongoing subscription services took precedence as some of Dental Air’s premium offerings. Dental Air now offer a lease system, where customers initially purchase air supply products on a lease term basis. After this initial minimum length period has ended, the customer rolls over onto a monthly agreement basis.

Our custom Laravel ordering system ensures that the user pays an accurate bill for the products they need. The minimum term is pro-rated, so that the customer pays an accurate bill based on the number of air supplies required at whichever end of the month they sign up in. The system also uses this information to inform the minimum term period. This means that the user is able to get an installation period that works for them. As a result, there is no over or under payment possible. Additionally, billing cycles all occur on the same day – regardless of when the customer signed up, so Dental Air has a clearer accounts process.


The platform was planned, designed, built and launched over a 10 week period. We ensured that it came in on time and on budget.

The website now regularly receives online orders, and due to the administrative benefit, the admin time to process those orders has been severely reduced. Transactions are now a much quicker and simpler process. This makes it increasingly possible for Dental Air to conduct larger and higher value transactions.

Dental Air also use the website as a marketing platform that serves as a destination for their other marketing efforts. We regularly provide wider support to DA – supporting them by designing exhibition stands, creating machine livery, mailshot design and build, illustration 2D & 3D, producing a variety of print and merchandise materials, build new functionality into the website as requirements arise.

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