Case Study:

Viz Pro UK

Starting Situation

Viz Pro UK wanted to make the most of their Amazon account - but didn't know how to use the data

Viz Pro UK came to us with an Amazon PPC account that they made little use of. Like many smaller businesses, they had set up the account, but did not know where to put their efforts, or what direction to head in. Their long running, but un-optimised Amazon PPC account meant that they were limiting their own potential. A lack of optimisation was leading to stagnant growth. Viz Pro had built up a large quantity of data over the time in which their account was active. However, they did not know what to do with this data, nor how to optimise their campaigns off the back of this data. Viz Pro were adding new products to their account, but not setting them up on existing Amazon PPC campaigns. This resulted in only part of the range being promoted – not all of it.

Skills Required

  • Amazon PPC

Aims & Objectives

Viz Pro UK needed to change how their Amazon PPC campaigns were conducted. It was not enough to leave campaigns to run themselves, without adaptation or optimisation. Viz Pro needed ongoing and consistent management of their Amazon PPC campaigns – to ensure full coverage and use of the product range.

Gumpo offered Amazon PPC account management that was experienced, knowledgeable, and strategic enough to know how to structure different campaign types. This would ensure that the product range received full coverage with all the necessary changes along the line.

Work Completed

Gumpo undertook a complete rebuild of how Viz Pro used Amazon PPC. This meant starting again with all of the existing campaigns, as well as building new campaigns from scratch. We created a much wider range of targeting types for these campaigns. That included manual, automatic and product targeting types. We also incorporated the entirety of the Viz Pro product range.

This process took around two weeks of initial research and construction. However, we have since optimised the campaigns for a following 6 months.


Gumpo achieved impressive results quickly. Within six months of managing the Amazon PPC account, Viz Pro UK had already made twice the revenue they had in the previous year. Before Gumpo started, Viz Pro were spending around £400 a month & making £6k. In our most recent month we spent £5.5k & made £60k which is a 1275% increase in cost & a 900% increase in revenue. We did this all whilst maintaining an ROAS of 10 or above whilst optimising the account. This has meant that in 6 months we’ve grown the monthly account revenue 9 fold.

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