Data-driven Marketing provides on average a 500% return on investment

Multi-Channel Search Marketing Done Right

How connected is your marketing?

No form of marketing is an island. They should be done together, dovetailing so that they work for each other – and maximise your results.

Profitable and Cohesive Marketing Campaigns.

At Gumpo, we are specialists in all of the principal areas of Digital Marketing.

Every business needs an online presence. Using digital marketing allows you to access the mass market, whatever size of business you are. Digital marketing lets you target the customers you want, in the ways that are most relevant to them. Whether you are trying to reach customers who are searching for your products with SEO, or engaging with your loyal customers through Social Media, digital marketing equips you with the tools you need.

At Gumpo, we are specialists in all of the principal areas of Digital Marketing. Whether you want help with running your PPC campaigns, improving your SEO, managing your Social Media accounts, planning a content marketing calendar or engaging with your customers through email, we can help. We offer stand alone service for each digital marketing channel, as well as an ‘integrated marketing’ offering that covers all five.

Pay Per Click

Pay per Click advertising is using advertisements on web page results – that you only pay for if somebody clicks on them. PPC ads are most frequently used on Google search results. However, they can also be used on alternative search engines, as well as on Amazon shopping search results.

Making the most of PPC advertising is not just about creating the best ads. It’s about observing, measuring and reporting how a campaign is doing at a granular level – then making changes to maximise the results. With over £2.5m of ad spend managed every year, we know the best methods of getting the most out of your PPC.


search engine optimisation

93% of people use search engines to find what they are looking for online. 90% of all worldwide searches are done using Google. Making sure that you show up when people search is essential for your business. Search Engine Optimisation helps your website rise up the rankings on search engines.

Understanding how search engines rank pages – what they choose to show and why – is an essential part of modern digital marketing. We are experts in how SEO works, and what you can do to improve yours. Let us handle driving your website up the search results, and help your business stand out. 


More than half of all of the people on earth use Social Media. That means that more than half of the world is out there for you to engage with. Social Media allows businesses to connect to their followers in a more personal way. Using social media marketing allows businesses to spread their message around the world easily, and in a less formal way than traditional digital marketing.


Content marketing is the art of being found online by people who are not looking for you. Use content to provide potential customers with information, ideas and stories that are genuinely interesting to them. Content allows you to build a reputation as a place of expertise – as well as improving your organic search listings.


Email marketing is one of the best ways of engaging with your customers and turning them into long term advocates of your brand. Use emails to keep in touch with existing customers, convince new customers and convert potentials.

Poor Marketing
Performance is expensive.

But how do you know your marketing
strategy is performing badly?

If any of the following symptoms apply to you, then it’s likely that you’re wasting money on mismanaged spend and forfeiting valuable leads. How many apply to you?

Low / No Conversions

Not hard to see why this is a problem, and it's usually because of a poor or non-existent strategy

Low Visibility

Hiding in the search ranking wilderness? Not a great method of being found

Slow Loading Site

Long load times affect rankings and conversion rate - Can be a quick fix too

Excessive Cost-per-Click

If your campaign is poorly managed then you're paying more than you need to

Irrelevant Enquiries

This usually means your audience targeting is not getting enough attention

Wasted Click Spend

Neglected campaigns don't perform efficiently, or respond to competitor activity

Uninspiring Ad Text

Uplifting ad text uplifts your conversion rate

The Time it Takes

Running your own ad-campaign AND a business? Something is getting neglected there

Case Studies


Case Study

GoShorty is a supplier of a range of niche insurance products. They focus on non-standard vehicle insurance ranges. This includes temporary car insurance that covers drivers for between 1 hour and 28 days. It also includes temporary van insurance and learner driver insurance. These are products that are initially seem…

Case Study

Viz Pro UK came to us with an Amazon PPC account that they made little use of. Like many smaller businesses, they had set up the account, but did not know where to put their efforts, or what direction to head in. Their long running, but un-optimised Amazon PPC…

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