Yearly growth in site traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders


How does your business show that it knows its stuff?

Content Marketing is the art of showing the world who you are – through writing. Does your website show visitors that you are experts in the field – or does it make you look like the rest of the competition?

What is content?

Content marketing is the art of being found by people who aren’t looking for you. Whatever forms of content you choose to have produced – written, audio, video – content marketing is about using that content to draw visitors in to your business.

Content for Conversion

Getting visitors to your website to make the conversions you need is a matter of persuasion. It’s not just a question of putting as many ‘Get a Quote’ buttons on a page as you can. It’s a process of convincing, leading the visitor in the direction that you want, and making sure that they head in the direction that you need them to.

Bring your work to life

Telling your story needs the right words. A product is more than just a picture and a bald list of descriptors. It is a discussion – an elaboration on what a product is, and an explanation of why it is right for you. The right words breathe life into your products and services.

Support Other Channels

Content marketing does not stand on its own. The content on your website has to align with your other marketing, as well as with your overall strategy. Tone of voice should be consistent across your written media. Content marketing can support and make use of the same work as your PPC, support your social media efforts and improve your ecommerce listings.

Content for SEO

Search Engine Optimisation needs high quality content. Google increasingly prioritises the quality and quantity of your web page’s content. With Gumpo’s Content for SEO, you get the highest quality of web content – all optimised for SEO purposes. This could be landing pages, blogs, FAQs, or anything else you need writing for your website.


Making sense of the emails you have sent out is essential. After all, you won’t learn anything if you don’t look at the results. Gumpo take care of the analytics for you. Whether you collect huge quantities of data, but don’t know what to do with it, or don’t collect any and don’t know where to start, Gumpo can set you down the right track. We handle every aspect of your email campaign analytics, from setting up the right metrics to figuring out what all your data actually means.

Case Studies


Case Study

GoShorty is a supplier of a range of niche insurance products. They focus on non-standard vehicle insurance ranges. This includes temporary car insurance that covers drivers for between 1 hour and 28 days. It also includes temporary van insurance and learner driver insurance. These are products that are initially seem…

Case Study

Viz Pro UK came to us with an Amazon PPC account that they made little use of. Like many smaller businesses, they had set up the account, but did not know where to put their efforts, or what direction to head in. Their long running, but un-optimised Amazon PPC…

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