94% of first impressions relate to your site’s web design

User Led Website Design

What do you want your website to look like?

Imagine your website. What does it look like? Where does everything go? How does the information you want to get across actually do so? We help you turn those questions into visual reality.

A Tried and True Website Design Process

1. Design for function.

Web design is the process of making a beautiful website – that works. The difference between good and bad web design is how well your website’s form matches its function. There is no point in a website that looks beautiful, but cannot be easily navigated. Equally, there is no point having a functional website that looks dull and unattractive. At Gumpo, we marry high quality visual design of websites with simple, easy functionality.

Gumpo makes sure that your website represents you as a brand. That means sending the messages you want to send to your visitors, and giving the impression that you want to give. We work with you to determine who you are as a brand, and how your site can represent this. Then, we design a site that matches that brand with easy to understand functionality.

2. Responsive Design

Not all devices are created equal. People use all sorts of technology to access the internet, with all sorts of different screen sizes and requirements. Making your website useable on any sort of device, with any type of screen is called responsive design. When you have a Gumpo Web Design, you can rest assured that your site will not just be optimised for a variety of devices, but be designed for them from the ground up.  

Design for desktops, tablets and mobiles go through similar processes, but need to be considered separately. Equally, different sizes of screens can show different amounts of a page at once without looking stretched out or awkwardly arranged. Responsive Design works to change the content on a site to appropriately fit onto a range of screen sizes. 

3. Adaptive Design

Adaptive Design is also about ensuring that websites display properly on a variety of screen sizes and types. While Responsive Design is about making your website change itself to match screen sizes, Adaptive Design is about designing a site that can fit into pre-assigned common screen widths. This may seem to be less flexible, but it does have a series of advantages.

Building a website from scratch is usually the preserve of responsive design – as this is what Google recommends. However, adaptive design is perfect for retrofitting an older website to be mobile friendly. At Gumpo, we can take your existing websites, and ensure that they work perfectly on any range of mobile and smaller screen devices.

4. Design that converts

Every website is leading towards an intended conversion. You want people to do something on your website, otherwise you wouldn’t have one. Your design should help lead people towards making the conversions that you want them to. This is not just making it clear how to get in contact, or simplifying the online purchase process. It is also about building pages that lead visitors towards certain actions without them being aware of it. Good design can make it clear what the desired result of a page visit is, even before the visitor has read or taken in the content on the site.

5. Hand in hand with development

At Gumpo, our Studio and Web Development services are entirely integrated. This means that no matter how you want your website to look, or whatever you want it to do, neither side will be neglected. We work as a complete team to ensure that your design complements the functionality, and vice versa.

We Are Your Fully Equipped Design Studio

Here’s what that means….

Design can be difficult to define. It is an umbrella term that covers a full spectrum of professional services. At Gumpo, it means a team of experts, who possess a wealth of talents that enable us to provide any element of design that a modern business needs to position itself as an industry leader.



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