Case Study:

Blindz Store

Starting Situation

The Blindz Store knew they needed to move into modern marketing - but not where to start

Before getting in touch with Gumpo, The Blindz Store only used traditional, non-digital, marketing campaigns. This included ideas like leaflet marketing. This had served them well, but it was not a modern strategy. They had been relatively successful with their leafleting campaigns, but they wanted to grow their business, and were aware that this warranted expanding it into new forms of marketing.

Skills Required

  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Aims & Objectives

The Blindz Store realised that they wanted to expand their customer base beyond where it had been before. Due to the types of marketing that they had done before, their customer base tended to be local. They wanted to expand this to a broader setting of potential customers. We consulted with The Blindz Store to determine how they could broaden their customer base through new marketing channels, and we decided that Google Pay per Click advertising was the best way to approach this.

The Blindz Store already received some direct traffic to their website as a result of the leaflet marketing they undertook, as well as some organic search traffic. However, they were aware that there was a potentially significant volume of paid search traffic available – if they could access it.

Work Completed

Gumpo set up a Google Ads account for The Blindz Store in October 2010. We started with 15 ad campaigns, later implementing additional a/b testing campaigns. Over 10 years, we have optimised and developed these campaigns into effective lead producers. Campaigns that started at £370 monthly spend, producing 38 conversions were nurtured into £9,000 per month spend with 569 corresponding conversions. In July 2021, we began running Microsoft ads to further expand the customer base.


Over the ten years that Gumpo has been working with The Blindz Store we have build successful PPC ads , and expanded their potential customer base. In doing this, we increased traffic, click through rate, search impression share and top impression share, and conversions while maintaining a CPA generally below £17.


Months Clicks Conversions
October 335 38
November 2484 209
December 599 41
January 2437 131
February 2867 164
March 2186 171
April 2620 180
May 2535 188
June 2651 180
July 3133 354
August 4466 491
September 5056 567

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