Case Study:

Doors 4 Security

Starting Situation

Doors 4 Security UK needed to catch clients who were being lost along the way

Doors4Security are a market leader in the steel and fire exit door market. They have been providing high quality steel doors and fire exit doors for more than 20 years. They have a long established online presence which they have been working at for many years. They had been running some PPC campaigns, but had not made use of many other forms of digital marketing.

Skills Required

  • API Integration
  • Email Marketing

Aims & Objectives

Doors4Security realised that they were not getting all of the conversions that they wanted. We helped them identify the points along the customer journey that they were losing the most customers at. We determined that they needed to make sure customers were continuing through the marketing funnel and making an actual purchase – as well as recapturing some of the customers who were lost along the way.

Work Completed

Gumpo set up an email client service for D4S, which did not exist before. We then integrated the D4S product feed, so that we could monitor the customer buying journey. We set up email automation to catch clients who abandoned the cart process, or dropped off from the sales process. We sent emails to these clients to encourage them to complete the process they had stopped. We also set up a post purchase email that went out automatically to suggest potential further purchases. 


We set up email automations to catch potential buyers and nurture new customers. In an 8 month period – ‘abandoned cart email’ generated over £4,090 revenue from lost sales but the surprise was the ‘post purchase (after 31 days) email’ generated over £14,000 in new revenue. 

Within 8 months of starting email automation, we had changed how D4S interacted with their customers along the funnel. The abandoned cart email generated over £4,000 from lost sales. Additionally, the post purchase email generated more than £14,000 in new revenue – which was unexpected 

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