Case Study:


Starting Situation

Mactech needed a new website that transformed how they did business

Mactech is a company that provides portable precision machinery in the petrochemical, refining, power generation and offshore industries – among others. They are an industry leader, and offer unparalleled expertise in their field.

However, being in a small field meant that Mactech were in a unique position. It seemed that there was not enough competition to warrant modernisation, but that there was enough competition for a worse customer experience to stand out.

They needed a website that could match the functionality of similar types of brands – while still representing Mactech’s particular focuses. They needed a site that could allow customers to hire out pipe cutting and bevelling machines online – without needing to go through a formal quoting process.

Previously, Matchtech had gone through an old-fashioned hand quoting system, where potential customers would get in touch, and someone internal would produce a quote for them. This took a few hours to complete, and was prone to inefficiencies.

Skills Required

  • Branding
  • Corporate Literature Design
  • Web Design
  • User Experience Design
  • WordPress Web Development
  • On Site Photography
  • 3D Modelling
  • Database Management

Aims & Objectives

Mactech wanted to change the way that their quoting and ordering system worked. They were wasting a huge amount of their and their customers’ time with manual quoting. They hoped that by improving the functionality of their website, they would be able to change the way that they interacted with their customers. Mactech hoped that they would be able to move from a phone-based quoting and ordering system to a largely (if not entirely) digital system.

Mactech needed a system that accounted for individual customers, the companies that those customers represent, and separate contact details. We worked with Mactech to ensure overall visibility of transactions throughout their CRM system. They needed to be able to ensure that purchase orders were clear throughout the system.

Work Completed

We rebuilt the website to re-align Mactech’s customer facing side. To do this, we set up a digital hire system for customers to use. We designed this to encourage repeat customers, with varying discount tiers and a reward system. This was intended to reduce the dependency of customers on calling into the office, and improve their ability to order quicky.

We designed an automatic invoicing system to simplify Mactech’s complicated invoice system. It needed to work with the invoice software Sage (which Mactech already used). But, it also needed to incorporate a rolling invoicing system. This was because Mactech would frequently have machines be rented out for 28 days or more. As a result, machines would need to be invoiced again automatically for additional months.

We also added in stock control functionality, automatic shipping calculations and the ability to add products dynamically in the future.

Initially, Mactech’s new site was intended as a simple ecommerce site. However, the process became much more in depth over the two years that we worked together. We provided significant development work, that lengthened the project significantly. By thee end, they liked what we’d done so much that they’d asked us for extras like the invoicing, implementation with their existing CRM system, shipping and stock control system.


Our focus was not just on the design, construction and implementation of the new website. Gumpo changed how Mactech ran their business. We increased staff efficiency, as the quotation process that would formerly take around 2 hours could now be completed in 5 minutes. We also improved the internal systems processes, which avoided double bookings which could previously have been an issue. We were able to implement a stock control system, so that customers who had not yet returned machinery would be sent an automatic email to ask for an update. Automatic emails were also sent out for a variety of other essential reasons – from datasheets on use and safety of tools to MSDS datasheets.

Gumpo maintains a relationship with Mactech that means we maintain their website and enact any further changes or additional work.

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