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Tracking leads and conversions, after they leave your website


LJ Workwear produces branded workwear to a vast range of industries. They value the personal touch and possess exceptional product knowledge, allowing them to provide the highest customer service. To support their business approach, they don’t use their website to sell directly; instead they use it to generate leads and enquiries, which are dealt with in person or over the phone. It’s about providing quality service and products to meet the needs of the customer.

When we built their new website we set up fully tracked and measured Pay Per Click campaigns across a selection of platforms to help drive traffic and increase sales leads. However, because transactions do not complete on their website, it makes it harder to track where an enquiry came from and so attribute conversions.

Original site design
LJ Workwear were blown away by the increase in quality enquiries we've had since using Gumpo.


New site design

To track the customer journey once they had left the website, we introduced call-tracking which accurately tracks phone-calls from a range of sources, including search engines and websites. This means it is possible to attribute a telephone enquiry from a particular digital ad, or from a certain page on the website.

This was in addition to more traditional call to action touchpoints on the website. We developed a “quote basket” process to allow site visitors to add products to their basket, along with any requests or questions, and submit it to the company for a price or follow-up. In addition, there are classic enquiry forms on the website, allowing the opportunity for LJ Workwear to speak directly to the enquiry.


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Introducing the additional call-tracking enabled us and LJ Workwear to better determine the acquisition of sales conversions and enquiries that didn’t come through website forms. This also means we can assign click budget to better-performing keywords; those that generate converting enquiries (not just the largest number of clicks), via both contact forms and incoming phone calls. This also created a more cost-effective PPC campaign, reducing costs per click.

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in monthly

This approach had also created more accurate market intelligence and customer behaviour data to inform other marketing activities, not limited to PPC or online, which enables their website and business approach to be tweaked accordingly. This had resulted in an increase in overall PPC and website conversions.

Original site design

"Not having an ecommerce website caused issues for us when we started to use Gumpo’s services. They emphasised how essential it is to track the customer journey throughout a PPC campaign- including what happens after they’ve been on our website.

Gumpo’s strategy demonstrates the return on our digital marketing investment, while supporting our business strategy and customer approach. We’ve seen a massive increase in quality leads through the website, which we are able to attribute to Gumpo’s work."

Jordan Hewitt

Managing Director - LJ Workwear

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