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Jones Bathrooms is a high-end luxury bathroom supplier based in leafy Cheshire. Being an established business, they owned a stunning showroom premises that carried a dazzling array of fixtures and fittings from some of the top bathroom manufacturers. However, the current website wasn’t really doing the showroom any justice. They comissioned us to give the showroom the website it deserved.

The existing website was built to serve two purposes - to demonstrate the ability to supply the bathroom fittings and fixtures, but also to demonstrate the range of hardware they supply to the trade. We opted to split these two objectives and give the bathroom showroom arm of the business the focused attention it deserved.

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With a brand new website comes zero domain authority, to mitigate against this we agreed that an initial PPC driven approach would help to drive traffic through to the showroom. The plan was to use PPC as a temporary fix to ensure foot traffic, however having felt the benefit that a well run PPC campaign can bring, the account continues to run to this day.

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Using a combination of manufacturer supplied images, and our own on-site photography, we created a comprehensive portfolio of brands that demonstrated the vast and impressive range of options available to a Jones Bathrooms customer.

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