Gumpo will be closed today from 12pm (17th Nov 2017) in loving memory of Steve Farrish

It is with the greatest of sadness that I have to create this blog post. On the early hours of 21st October 2017, at age 49, a dear colleague of ours was cruelly taken away from us. Steve Farrish (also known as Faz, Riverboat Steve, Farrish and I’m sure many other nicknames) was one of the most wonderful men you could have wished to meet. I’d personally known him for the past decade having worked, made music, drank (he drank Soda!), debated (one of his favourite hobbies!) and joked together during this time. 

Farrish was an electrician, programmer, engineer, musician, free spirit, dark horse and all-round secret savant. I feel like I knew so much about him and yet so little at the same time. Steve was a fantastic programmer but also, quite a contradiction. He was extremely paranoid of the internet and when he did find the courage to tap into that new-fangled world wide web, he made sure to have two PC’s with one being specifically for use on the internet and one for his important files, something that always made me laugh about him, alongside his 11-year-old mobile phone – he loved that thing. 

To give you an idea of Steve’s tenacity, not content with only knowing around 15 programming languages, being a grade 8 classical piano player and qualified aircraft electrician, Steve decided a couple of years ago that he wanted to learn the Trombone. He’d found an old Trombone in his parents’ loft which, from what I gather, he’d had a brief affair with when he was a youngster but forgotten how to play it now. Around 3 months later he showed me a video of him playing live with a band called Smiling Skull Ring at The Wharf in Macclesfield. His smile (a cliché, but one you can’t forget) showed he was very proud and I have to admit I was very envious of his talent too! To say he was intelligent would be an understatement. 

Steve was extremely kind too. I had to practically force him to invoice me and I certainly think he worked to socialise rather than make money because “who needs money anyway?”. He helped colleagues with programming conundrums, university work and sometimes even reluctantly made us the odd cup of tea. Many tears were shed when we heard the news and I’m certain many more will be shed today on the day of his funeral. 

To quote one of Steve’s favourite sayings, Steve, so long, and thanks for all the fish. 

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