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Safety Screens is a busy manufacturing company, with providing quotes central to its sales process. Calculating a price had become time-consuming though, incorporating lots of variables and changing costs, and wasn’t something every member of staff was able to do.

This had the effect of slowing down the sales process, and as their products and services are often purchased when there is an urgent requirement, Safety Screens needed to secure the business by providing an accurate, on the spot quote.

In addition to saving time, Safety Screens wanted to eliminate human error and make sure they were using the most up to date information, consistent from person to person.

Original site design The old Safety Screens site showing the previous branding


New site design

To better understand Safety Screen’s needs and the way their business operated, we spent time with their staff, shadowing them at work and developing a comprehensive understanding of the obstacles they faced.

Based upon this we created a bespoke, browser-based quoting software that was also mobile accessible. This made only one central place where key information has to be updated, which ensures consistency and eliminates error.

Because of the time we spent getting to know the staff and their business we were also able to identify additional functionality that would further streamline their processes, including an option to create an order directly from the quote.


0% reduction

This time-saving software fulfils the role of a full-time member of staff, decreasing quoting time by 80% and contributing to the company’s accelerated growth.

0% Website

Safety Screens has been able to effectively upskill all of its existing staff, from administration to fitters, who can provide quotes quickly and through mobile devices if away from the office.

0% Order

The software also saved the company money, by ensuring that all quotes were completely accurate.


Having experienced a year of accelerated growth, we were struggling to keep up with the demand for quotes- whilst also dealing with keeping our quoting information up to date with the latest costs. With the new software, we’ve effectively been able to grow without hiring! Our clients also really appreciate the speed with which we get back to them.

Gumpo were amazing throughout the project- taking time to really understand our business needs. They were the only company who thoroughly analysed the business efficiency resulting from the software, and ensured we returned our investment within 6 months. Demonstrating the value of the project this way made choosing Gumpo an easy decision.

Their team were committed to making a success of this project- investing time to check they had our requirements covered, above and beyond, and that it was all viable within a timescale and budget.

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