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Speed ahead of your competition with an incredible 900% ROI on Pay Per Click


Cycle Store were approached by an affiliate marketing company, who offered to handle their Pay Per Click (PPC) rights to advertise their own brand search terms for a set monthly fee.

This meant they were paying commission for search results that they would have gained organically anyway, which appears to generate good results on the face of it if you are unfamiliar with how search marketing works. However, the affiliate company were not adding value to the search or really running a correct PPC campaign, yet were taking a commission in the process.

Broken Bicycle The slickest sales pitch doesn't always make for the best route


One of the key benefits of PPC is its measurability and transparency; the amount of data available is incredible, allowing for implementing campaigns with pinpoint accuracy.

To start with, we took over all of Cycle Store’s PPC activity and started their campaigns from scratch, building a new strategy to increase sales and make their ad spend return a greater investment.

Repair Kit

One of the main changes we brought in was to sort out their commission groups; this included dropping down the commission percentage for voucher codes, but leaving individual trusted referrers at the same rate.


0% Return

As a result of changing the commission groups, Cycle Store halved their affiliate costs, and we were able to secure an incredible ROI of 900% on their PPC marketing activity.

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Our main aim isn’t to simply make money for ourselves- we work in the best interest of our clients to spend their advertising money wisely.

Repair Kit

We were blown away by Gumpo’s ability to turn our PPC activity around. PPC’s an amazing marketing tool- where else can you get a 900% ROI?! But it can get incredibly technical, and there are many salesmen out there who are just out to make quick cash and know very little.

It’s hard to know who to trust to implement it properly- we’re really grateful for Gumpo’s integrity and expertise- we deal with the team who carry out the work, rather than salesmen or Account Managers, so are able to get straight to business!

Patrick Hurst

Managing Director -

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Whether you need a whole studio to create your new website, targeted digital advertising campaign and money-saving business software....or a few experts to get your email marketing and IT network off the ground, we have the in-house experts for you.

Our work is measurable and trackable, so you can see what is working, how it can be improved, and make responsive changes quickly.

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